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With the very widely popular ‘statuses’ or ‘stories’ within the world of social networks, it was only a matter of time before an app that could help give your posts variety and quality was introduced to the market. Video Status App is a tool that offers you tons of videos that you can share directly in the statuses of your favorite apps, giving your contacts a sneak peak at your thoughts and mood.

Using Video Status App is really simple: just explore the large collection of content, pick the video that interests you most, click on the icon of the app where you want to post the video, and Video Status App will automatically take care of the rest.

The collection of videos that Video Status App offers is updated everyday so it always offers you new content that can help you express your feelings at any given moment. Inside the app, you can find anything from videos to images or songs. If you want to share your opinion on how the app can be improved or want to request a specific song, you simply have to get in contact with the developer and in a couple of days it’ll be included in the digital library.

Post the most outstanding ‘statuses’ or ‘stories’ thanks to Video Status App, the perfect accessory for social networks like WhatsApp or Instagram.
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